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  • (Terrorist plotting against the U.S,Taliban,Bath Party officials,those caught in the battlefield fighting against U.S troops and enemies of the U.S).When these enemies are caught by the U.S,Pray GOD makes all these enemies tell the truth about everything they know,holding nothing back when talking to U.S interigators.Pray all these enemies of the U.S are forced to tell the truth about everything they know when asked by U.S interigators,just like Demons were forced to to the truth when they were asked questions by JESUS and the apostles in the old testament.....Many in the Liberal media pretend to be objective and unbiased,but they are not objective and they are biased.Pray GOD makes all bias liberals in the media tell the truth to their American audience always.Pray they will not have any control of themselves and won't be able to deceive the American people anymore.No more covering up,and no more hiding the truth...Liberals in the government deceive people and use the liberal media to cover for them.Pray liberals in our government will not be able to lie to,or deceive the American people anymore.Pray GOD makes all liberals in our government tell the truth to the American people,no more covering up,and no more hiding the truth.Pray they will have no control over themselves and will not be able to lie, or deceive the American people no more.Pray GOD makes them tell the truth the way He makes demons tell the truth In JESUS Name.
    Fil - Oct 26 2008
  • Please pray from my uncle Ezequiel Martinez. He just went through a 2nd operation to remove a cancerus tumor. He thinks, that he is okay now, but doctors informed the family that they just found additional "black spots" in other parts of his face. He loves the Lord with all his heart and soul and we don't want the Lord to take him just yet.
    Nilda - Sep 02 2008
  • Please pray for me and Kylie( a friend) whom I wish to form a deeper relationship with and get married. GOD BLESS!
    Daniel - Mar 05 2008